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Logo Intezer-js

An unofficial Node.JS wrapper for Intezer Analyze's API.

📕 Complete documentation ➡️ here

To-do / API Coverage:

This is a list of things that needs to be done before considering this library 'complete' (Objective v3.0)

Raw API wrapping:

  • Community endpoints ✅
  • Premium endpoints ❌


  • Analysis wrapping: ✅
  • SubAnalysis wrapping: ✅ / ❌
  • Families: ❌
  • Premium features: ❌
  • Client Options: ✅ / ❌


  • Error wrapping/handling: ❌
  • Usage flexibility (resolvables): ❌
  • Make a user guide: ❌

Please feel free to contribute !

📥 Installation

Option 1 - Install from NPM

npm install --save intezer-js

Option 2 - Clone and build from source

# Clone the repo in your project directory
git clone https://github.com/Caesarovich/intezer-js

# Build the library
cd "intezer-js" && npm run build && cd ../

# Then install it to your project
npm install intezer-js

⏳ Quickstart

Follow these example to quickly start using the library.

Note: You first need to create an account and get your API Key.

Retrieve an analysis using the Client

import { Client } from 'intezer-js';


// Instanciate a client with an API Key and initialise it.
const client = await new Client('API_KEY').init().catch(console.error);

// Retrieve an Analysis with an ID
const analysis = await client.analyses.get('ANALYSIS_ID').catch(console.error);

Or with the RawAPI

Note: It is recommended to use the Client over the RawAPI because it provides much ease of use.

import { RawAPI } from 'intezer-js';


// Fetch an AccessToken using an API Key
const token = await RawAPI.getAccessToken('API_KEY').catch(console.error);

// Retrieve RawAnalysisData using the AccessToken and analysis ID.
const analysis = await RawAPI.getAnalysis(token, 'ANALYSIS_ID').catch(console.error);

📕 Documentation


📔 Reference documentation

I used Intezer Analyze's API Documentation as reference for this wrapper.

📄 Disclosure

This library is unofficial and not supported nor sustained by Intezer. Use it at your own risk !

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